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*Designed to enable easy cutting of cables; Not for steel or ACSR
Constructed from high carbon drop forged steel
*Offers long lasting durability; Cuts up to 4/0 aluminum and 2/0 copper
*Plastic comfort grips
*Site hardened cutting edges shear through soft metal wires and cables

ITEM NO. SIZE  (inch/mm) Cutting Capacity(mm)
CS-CC106 6" / 160 13
CS-CC108 8" / 200 17
CS-CC110 10" / 250 21








CHISEN Tools' cable cutter has come out with new multi-functional Flip Joint cable cutters that looks like it could do the job of several tools. It’s designed to cut common electrical wire – up to 10/3 vinyl-coated cable – and when flipped it can be used as a sheath knife. Notches towards the front of the jaws can be used for wire stripping and can also cut smaller wires.

The use of CR-V Precision forged chrome vanadium steel, durable, cutting edge high-frequency heat treatment, cutting sharp cable cutter suitable for high pressure PE, IV cable lines, telephone lines, copper, aluminum cable rather than steel cable ,cut off quickly; Antiskid, Dipped handle, comfortable to use Precision forged high-carbon steel products are widely used in ports, power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, railways, construction, metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, plastics machinery, industrial control, highways, large transport, pipelines and auxiliary set, slope tunnels, wells and control required protection, salvage, ocean engineering, airport construction, bridges, aviation, aerospace, and other important venues and infrastructure construction industry, machinery and equipment The maximum cutting diameter is 1cm. Notice: Please avoid operating while voltage is present

Mini Type Cable Cutter

Name: Electronic pliers
Treatment: Net heat treatment
Material: 65# Manganese
Material of Handle: PVC
Weight: 75g

* Ergonomic handling: The grips are designed with cushion to provide extra comfort over continuous work
* Cutting-edge performance: The precise blades offer clean, flush cuts for your finest materials
** Ideal return spring: Boosts your speed of work by the return spring that accurately go back to the home position