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Lure Fishing Pliers

Made of stainless steel, and plastic soft handle, very good quality
Excellent line cutter
Scissor for cutting wire
Essential for cutting leaders, tightening knots and removing hook
Fishing is funny and relaxation while take the fishing scissors tool. You do not need to struggle to get the hook out of the fish’s mouth by hand any more.
Easy to use for fishing in saltwater/freshwater
Lightweight, multi-functional Fishing pliers
It is designed specially for fishermen. A great addition to any fisherman's tackle box.

Fishing Pliers for Lure

Material: Carton Steel, Cr-V Steel, Stainless Steel
Surface treatment: Polished, nickel plated, chrome plated, etc.

Aluminum Alloy Fishing Plier
1.Special aluminum alloy&304 stainless steel&tungsten carbide
2.Fishional design
3.Factory price